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12 Disadvantages of Working from Home (and Why Coworking Is a Great Option)

Can’t bear to think about another year of working from home? We get it. Working from home may seem like a dream come true, but for many people, it can turn into a nightmare, fast. Here are 12 disadvantages to working from home and how finding a coworking space like The Social can make remote work successful.

1. Too Many Distractions . . .

Laundry. Dishes. Kids. Pets. The list of distractions at home goes on and on. Unfortunately, being productive with household chores comes at the expense of being productive at work. Kids and pets are more distracting than your adult-sized coworkers, too. At The Social, you can leave these distractions at home and get to work.

2. . . . and Temptations

Bed. Couch. TV. Video Games. At home, temptations stare you in the face left and right. It takes a lot of self-discipline to say no to that post-lunch nap or TV show. Give yourself a hand and get out of the house and away from time-sucking temptations.

3. Lack of Meeting Space

Want to meet a client? You can’t exactly meet them in your guest bedroom where your desk is, can you? Coffeeshops are noisy, smelly, and can get expensive. Coworking spaces like The Social offer flexible, quiet meeting spaces.

4. The Coworkers Are Too Demanding

Kids and pets create a lot of joy in our lives. But they create a lot of demands, too. While caring for kids and pets is definitely rewarding, it does get in the way of our productivity. Sometimes, the best solution is to find care for your kids and pets so you can get to work.

5. You’re the Only Adult in the Room

Isolation has been a major problem during the pandemic, but being alone (or at least the only adult in the room) has long plagued people who work from home. The truth is, socializing and seeing other people helps our mental health. Even being in the same room as other people while you work can help. At The Social, there’s always someone else hanging around or getting to work.

6. Your Prospects Don’t Live with You

Your prospects aren’t at home with you, but they may be sitting next to you at The Social. There are dozens of stories of members finding their next biggest clients right here in our Rogers, Minnesota, coworking space. That opportunity is something home just can’t offer.

7. The Internet’s Slow and the Printer’s Broken

Technology issues are so frustrating. Your home’s slow internet connection or broken printer can put a damper on your day. At The Social, we have lightning-fast, secure WiFi and a business suite with a printer, scanner, and fax machine.

8. Drinks and Snacks Are Limited

If you’ve worked from home for any length of time, then you’re probably familiar with the sad and desperate peanut butter-on-a-spoon lunch routine. Not exactly productivity fuel, is it? At The Social, we offer refreshments at our beverage bar and encourage members to bring in snacks.

9. Unsuitable Workspaces

Hate to bring up the guest bedroom office again, but it’s reality for many professionals. One of the major disadvantages of working from home is lack of suitable workspace. Many people have jury-rigged offices in spare bedrooms, dens, dining rooms, garages, or dark and musty basements. There’s a better way, and it’s at The Social.

10. Lack of Inspiration

Being around other productive people can inspire productivity. Being around other creative people can inspire creativity. Being around the television can inspire . . . ennui. The Social buzzes with happy, focused activity. Honestly, it’s inspiring.

11. No Flexible Workspace

When you were at the office, you spent a few hours at your desk, then met coworkers in a conference room, at the cafeteria, or down on the couches in the lounge. Home lacks these flexible workspaces. At The Social, you can set up at one of our café tables or reserve one of our offices. Or, you can hang out on the couches in the cigar lounge.

12. There’s No Arnold

We’ve got Arnold Schwarzenegger and you don’t. Simple as that.

Access to a more productive remote workspace starts at just $99 a month. Schedule your tour of The Social today.

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