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2020 Marketing Trends and Tips for Entrepreneurs and Other Leaders

Whether they’re business owners, philanthropists, or community leaders, members of The Social are movers and shakers. While some are marketing their businesses, others are trying to reach donors or engage their neighbors. Here’s what our marketing members have to say about 2020 marketing trends that can help any organization succeed this year.

CX Is King

The customer experience, known as CX in the marketing world, is a big trend this year, as it was in 2019. The customer experience encompasses the entire customer lifecycle, from brand awareness to buying to service to loyalty. Nearly three-quarters of US consumers say their experience as a customer is important to them when they’re deciding whether or not to buy.

To maximize your CX in 2020, find ways to make the experience more efficient and convenient for customers and offer friendly, fast service and easy payment options. In the real world, this may mean revamping your website to make it mobile-friendly or updating your logo and branding. If you’re soliciting donors or customers online, consider offering payments directly through your social media platforms.

Use Your CX to Cultivate Loyalty

Your investment in improving your CX will likely pay off in higher customer loyalty. But your job as a marketer doesn’t end there. In 2020, consider ways you can engage with your loyal fans and increase the likelihood that they’ll become return customers or even advocates for your organization.

For businesses, think about how you can personalize the experience of your returning customers. It could be as simple as adding their names to your email blasts or engaging with them on social media. Or, you could invest in tried and true birthday cards and special offers just for returning customers.

For nonprofits, strive to make your donors feel appreciated. Engage with them online. Ask them to volunteer with your group or spread the word about your organization with their family and friends.

Engage Your Team

Your employees and volunteers are some of your most valuable marketing assets. Customers want to do business with companies that treat their employees well and have staff that are enthusiastic supporters of your brand.

It’s easy to show off your team. Catch them doing something great, then share it on social media. Ask them for testimonials about your products and what it’s like to work at your organization. Share pictures of your staff volunteering in the community. Don’t forget to ask your employees to share your posts about them with their family and friends, too.

Make Your Social Posts Shoppable

Did you know it is possible for customers to shop directly from your social media posts? It’s true, and especially powerful on Facebook and Instagram. Take advantage of these platforms’ post tools that allow followers to schedule a booking, send you a message, or support your nonprofit directly from a post or update.

Take the Leap into Live Video

Live video is here to stay. And, it gets three times more watch time than other types of video. Most customers prefer to learn about your products and services through video than through any other type of medium.

This year, take the leap and go live on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or YouTube. Use live video to showcase a new product, show off a project you just completed, or share a great event you’re participating in.

By tapping into these trends, you can make 2020 one of your most successful years yet. The Social is the place to network with the area’s best marketing professionals. For your chance to meet them, schedule your free tour today.

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