• Mike Colosimo, The Social

6 More Reasons People Are Ditching Home Offices and Investing in Coworking Memberships

Are you one of the remote workers ditching the home office for a coworking membership?

Here are six more reasons remote workers are opting for a coworking membership like the $99/month business access membership at The Social rather than continuing to work from home.

1. Lightning-Fast Internet & Business Tools

If your home internet stinks, work is more difficult. Many coworking spaces, including The Social, offer lightning-fast, secure internet. Our connection is high-speed and password protected so it’s only available to The Social members. We’ve also got a printer/scanner/fax machine you can use for free as a member.

2. Plenty of Refreshments

At The Social, we offer refreshments at our beverage bar and encourage members to bring in snacks. Our business access members can enjoy unlimited coffee, seltzer, and soft drinks. Members with full memberships also enjoy complimentary beer and wine. Members are also welcome to bring their own food or order in from one of our neighboring restaurants.

3. Ideal Workspaces

Ditch the kitchen table or the guest room/office combo and find peace and quiet at The Social. We have two private offices you can reserve to take calls or work in silence. Or, you can sit out in our café-style tables, which offer the atmosphere of the coffeeshop without the loud espresso machine.

4. Find Inspiration

Being around other productive people can inspire productivity. Being around other creative people can inspire creativity. The Social buzzes with happy, focused activity. Honestly, it’s inspiring.

5. Flexible Workspaces

When you were at the office, you spent a few hours at your desk, then met coworkers in a conference room, at the cafeteria, or down on the couches in the lounge. At The Social, you have the same flexibility you had at the office. You can set up shop at one of our café tables or reserve one of our offices. Or, you can hang out on the couches in the cigar lounge.

6. There’s No Arnold

We’ve got Arnold Schwarzenegger and you don’t. Simple as that.

Access to a more productive remote workspace starts at just $99 a month. Schedule your tour of The Social today.

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