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6 Reasons Why People Are Ditching Home Offices and Investing in Coworking Memberships

After two years of juggling work, kids, and spouses at home, many remote workers are ditching their home offices and investing in a coworking membership like the $99/month business access membership at The Social.

Here are six of the top reasons why remote workers opting for a coworking membership rather than continuing to work from home.

1. Home Has Too Many Distractions

Many people find it difficult to focus on work when their partner is working in the next room (or right next to them at the kitchen table). Kids, pets, and household chores are also big distractions. Unfortunately, being productive at home often comes at the expense of being productive at work. With a coworking membership at The Social, you can leave these distractions at home and focus on work.

2. Temptations Abound

At home, taking a long lunch to watch your favorite TV show, grabbing a quick afternoon nap, or taking advantage of the nice weather to do some yardwork are temptations that are all too easy to give into. It takes a lot of self-discipline to say no to that post-lunch nap or TV show. At The Social, you can get into work mode and avoid these temptations so you can get your work done and then get back to playing at home.

3. Home Doesn’t Have Meeting Spaces

Just because you’re working remotely doesn’t mean that you don’t have to meet with colleagues or clients. Home offices aren’t ideal places to host your next best client or your boss. Coffeeshops are noisy, smelly, and can get expensive. Coworking spaces like The Social offer flexible, quiet meeting spaces.

4. Family Members Place Demands on Work Time

Kids and pets create a lot of joy, but they place a lot of demands on our time, too. While caring for kids and pets is definitely rewarding, it does get in the way of work productivity. If your work productivity is suffering under family pressure, the best solution may be to find care for your kids and pets so you can get to work.

5. Working from Home Is Isolating

Isolation has been a major problem during the pandemic, but being alone (or at least the only adult in the room) has long plagued people who work from home. The truth is, socializing and seeing other people helps your mental health. Even being in the same room as other people while you work can help. Social interaction is a major reason solopreneurs invest in a coworking membership at The Social.

6. Coworking Fills the Prospect Pipeline

Let’s face it: your prospects aren’t at home with you. However, they may be sitting next to you at your table at The Social. We have dozens of stories of members finding their next biggest clients right here in our Rogers, Minnesota, coworking space. That opportunity is something home just can’t offer.

Access to a more productive remote workspace starts at just $99 a month. Schedule your tour of The Social today.

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