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Host Your Next Biggest Client in The Boardroom

The Social is the perfect place to meet with your next biggest client. Skip the loud coffeeshop and avoid the lunch rush at your favorite restaurant. Instead, find a quiet place to talk in The Social’s boardroom!

A Quiet Place to Focus

Our Boardroom is the perfect place for you to pitch to your next best client or catch up with your current clients. It’s quiet, comfortable, and has a door that closes for privacy and focus. Shut out distractions and get down to business in the Boardroom!

Comfortable Seating for Everyone

The Boardroom features a beautiful marble-top table and comfortable seating for six, so everyone invited to the meeting can participate. You’ll find ample outlets, too, so everyone can stay plugged in.

Blazing-Fast, Secure WiFi

Not only will your conversation be private at The Social, your internet connection will be highly secure (and blazing fast). Open WiFi networks at restaurants and coffeeshops make it easy for people to see and steal your personal and business data. At The Social, we keep our WiFi behind a secure password we ask members not to share. You can be confident you are working safely at The Social.

Business Center

If you need to print a document or send or receive a fax during your meeting, The Social’s business center is just around the corner from our Boardroom. Print notes from your big presentation or send a fax.

If you’re looking for the perfect place to meet with your biggest clients, the Boardroom’s waiting for you at The Social. A full membership to The Social is just $175 a month. Get in touch to learn more.

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