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How the Social Can Help You Elevate Your Business

Ready to graduate from the coffeeshop and take your business to the next level? The Social is here for you. Here’s a look at several ways joining The Social can help you elevate your business so you finish 2019 strong and hit the ground running in 2020.

The Most Connected Membership in Rogers

Our members are entrepreneurs, philanthropists, professionals, educators, community organizers, and other movers and shakers in Rogers, Otsego, Elk River, and our other surrounding communities. We’ve also been known to be the host of a former Viking or two.

If you’re looking to expand your connections with business owners and other influential people in your community, The Social is a great place to start building those relationships.

Regular Networking and Member-Hosted Events

There’s always something going on at The Social. Our members take advantage of our meeting spaces to host mixers, happy hours, and other public events that you’re welcome to attend. Other events are for members only, including special networking opportunities and member get-togethers.

As a member of The Social, you’re encouraged to host your own events for your colleagues, clients, and potential customers. You can certainly host an invite-only event for fellow members, too.

A Comfortable, Secure Place to Bring Customers and Colleagues

We all know the drudgery of working in coffeeshops. If you need flexible office and meeting space that doesn’t involve an espresso machine and a crowd, The Social is your place.

Our meeting spaces are reservable 24/7 and our entire space is secured by keyless entry.

Our Wi-Fi is the fastest in Rogers and is a secured connection, not a public one. Host a formal meeting in our Boardroom, Office, Cigar Lounge, or around our large conference table. If you’re bringing a guest afterhours, our Beverage Bar and Cigar Lounge are great places to enjoy a beverage or play a game of poker.

Business Marketing Opportunities for Members

It’s common for members of The Social to do business with other members. But that’s not the only marketing opportunity you have at The Social. We maintain a business card directory and marketing table for your collateral. We regularly feature member businesses and events on our social media platforms, too.

If you’re looking for a way to elevate your business, The Social in Rogers may be a great fit for you. Schedule your tour of our great space today.

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