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Price versus Cost of Coworking and Working from Home

You may think that the pandemic killed coworking. While the last couple of years haven’t been easy for coworking spaces (or most workplaces), coworking is again on the rise in 2022. Why? People are looking for alternatives to working from home in the northwest metro area, recognizing that Rogers coworking costs are well worth the investment.

Need to be convinced? Here’s a price and cost comparison for coworking and working from home. If you’ve been thinking about making the move, come check out the value you get with a membership at The Social.

Price of Coworking

The price of coworking is straightforward. Most coworking spaces are happy to share their membership fees and all the benefits you get from joining their space. At The Social, we offer two membership levels. Our All-Access membership is $175 a month. It includes unlimited, 24/7 secure access to our Rogers coworking space, daily guest passes, access to all of our spaces, and complimentary WiFi, beverages, and business center.

Our Business Access membership if $99 a month. It includes Monday through Friday access between 6 am and 6 pm, access to all of our spaces, and complimentary WiFi, soft beverages, and the business center. For a limited time, we’ve waived our $1,500 initiation fee on both memberships.

Price of Working from Home

Free, right? Think again. When you work from home, your expenses to maintain your household increase. You should think of this increase as the price of working from home. What might be included in this price? Lunch and snacks (conservatively, let’s average an extra $100 a month), faster WiFi to satisfy the boss ($75 a month), and any investments in a home office (let’s average out an initial spend of $500 over 12 months to $42 a month).

There are other expenses we could factor in, but you get the idea. The total price per month of working from home in this example is $217 a month, or $42 more a month than our All-Access membership.

Winner: Coworking

Cost of Coworking

Does coworking have a cost? Sure. You’ll spend some time in the car driving back and forth from The Social. But Rogers coworking costs are minimal if you’re local, especially if you’re used to driving to Minneapolis or St. Paul for work.

If you work primarily off a desktop computer, you may need to invest in a tablet or laptop. Same goes for a headset, though at this point, you probably already have that. You’ll also want to print out some business cards and marketing materials to share with your fellow coworkers.

Cost of Working from Home

How about the costs of working from home, then. We’ve already covered your hard expenses when working from home. What about all the other intangible costs, then? The lost productivity due to distractions? The extra pounds from easy access to the kitchen? The strain on your relationships as you try to set work-life boundaries when your workplace is your living room?

Winner: Coworking

On price and costs, coworking is the clear winner over working from home. Don’t believe us? Come see for yourself. Schedule your tour of The Social today.

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