• Mike Colosimo, The Social

Stay Ahead of the Game and Say Goodbye to Coffee Shop and Restaurant Meetings

The hunt for a table. The expensive latte. The noise. That SMELL that lingers long after your meeting. What is that smell?

We’ve all experienced the sad hustle of hosting client meetings or volunteer brainstorming sessions at a coffee shop or restaurant. While it’s nice to support a local Rogers business, it’s difficult to make a great first impression or focus on your work.

As the ability to work remotely has become more common, professionals have sought out public meeting spaces. But more often than not you’re getting less than you pay for. The financial cost of lattes and meals add up (not to mention the cost to your gut). What do you get in exchange? The chance of a table with an outlet (or the chance of a table at all), insecure and slow WiFi, and teenagers “studying” together after school (since when are $5 lattes a high school thing, anyway?).

We’ve got a better way to gather, create, and relax in Rogers. A MUCH better way.

Now, imagine a place that’s local. A place where a predictable, monthly membership fee gets you a key to community space that’s got plenty of room, free beverages, secure and fast WiFi, and most importantly, off-limits to teenagers.

Breathe in, breathe out. It’s time to say goodbye to coffee shop and restaurant meetings and meet The Social. Our members are Rogers professionals, entrepreneurs, educators, and philanthropists who work hard, play hard, and care about our community. They help make our spaces churn with that special hum of productivity and focus. And when it’s time to relax, they loosen the tie, let down the hair, and enjoy a beverage, a cigar, or a round of poker.

Looking for a place to get your work done, meet your clients, and relax with your colleagues? Then it’s time for you to schedule your tour of The Social. Get in touch with us today to experience The Social for yourself.

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