• Mike Colosimo, The Social

Take a Break from Your Home Office at The Social

Kids driving you crazy? Finding it hard to concentrate when there’s a million home projects staring you in the face all day? While we’re making the most of working from home, we all need a break from our home offices every once in a while. But with many coffee shops and restaurants still closed to dine-in customers, it’s hard to find an alternative to your kitchen table.

To make it easier to catch a break and focus on your work, The Social is offering a limited access membership to our Rogers, Minnesota, workspace. When you need to get away to concentrate on a project or meet a deadline, we’ve got a spot for you.

A Place to Focus

As a limited access member of The Social, you’ll have weekday access to our workspace, including our media lounge, boardroom, office, and workstations, from 6 am to 6 pm. Our media lounge and workstations are community spaces, while the boardroom and office allow you to shut the door and focus. Wherever you work at The Social, you’ll be connected to our secure and lightning-fast WiFi network. You can also enjoy refreshments from our beverage bar, including coffee, tea, hot cocoa, and filtered water.

Since this will be your spot to get away and focus on work, we ask that you refrain from bringing guests. If you must bring in a colleague to collaborate on a project, we’ll charge a small guest fee.

Get Down to Business at The Social

We’ve been working remotely for six long months now, with no end in sight. The Social is here to help you find an alternative place to safely work when you need a break from your home office. For a tour of our workspace and for pricing on our special limited access membership, please contact Mike at The Social today.

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