Take a Virtual Tour of The Social

New video just dropped! Thanks to our partner Cloud Media for helping us plan, shoot, and edit! In the new video, Mike gives an update on new membership options for people looking for a place to gather, create, and relax in Rogers, Minnesota. Plus, you get some great shots of our workspace and cigar lounge featuring Arnold!

We now offer a $99 business access membership with tiered options for private workspaces. Get in touch with The Social today to learn more about our membership options and to take a tour. Contact us at 612-790-4096 or mysocialspotmn@gmail.com.


Hey folks! Mike Colosimo, founder of The Social in Rogers, Minnesota's premier collaborative workspace. The pandemic has caused us all to approach life differently, both personally and professionally.

That's why The Social of Rogers has rolled out several new membership options to fit all needs and budgets. If you're working from home and are ready to explore a more professional, cost-effective space, The Social has the right package for you.

Our Business Access membership starts at just $99 per month. We have tiered options with added benefits to choose from, including private desk and private office options.

If you'd like information on any of our memberships, contact me at 612-790-4096 or you can email me at mysocialspotmn@gmail.com. The Social of Rogers. Gather. Create. Relax.

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