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Tips for More Productive Virtual Meetings

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If you’re like many professionals working during the pandemic, your meeting schedule includes a mix of in-person one-on-ones and virtual meetings. Offering multiple ways to meet with your clients and prospects is just one way flexibility has become a benefit during this time.

Like any meeting, a virtual Zoom, Google Meet, or Teams conference can get derailed without some structure. Here are a few tips for keeping your virtual meetings on track and productive (these tips work for in-person meetings, too!).

Agree on a Plan and a Timeframe

Have you noticed that you’re able to fit more meetings into your week by hosting most your get-togethers virtually? Meeting online certainly cuts down on drive time. But in a time where we’re all sequestered in our homes or isolated in our offices, people also tend to be chattier than normal.

To stay in control of your schedule, it helps to agree on an agenda and set a time limit for your virtual meetings. An agenda will ensure you cover all necessary items, and a time limit sets clear boundaries for both parties.

Test Your Audio and Video Settings

At an in-person meeting, you might adjust your tie or check your makeup before stepping into a meeting. When meeting online, it’s helpful to test your audio and video settings to ensure you are heard and seen. Test your mic settings and make sure you aren’t on mute. Preview your video before hopping on the call and adjust the background, focus, and lighting as necessary.

Take Advantage of Visual Aids

Having a handout or the use of a whiteboard in a meeting can be very helpful, especially if you’re presenting a proposal or explaining a report to a prospect or client. The same is true of a virtual meeting. Screen sharing makes it possible for you to share a slide deck, video, or navigate through a website. Virtual whiteboards can foster collaboration.

Choose a Professional Meeting Space

Whether you’re meeting in-person or online, a professional space is absolutely essential for putting your best face forward to focusing on the work at hand. The Social is the perfect place to host your next in-person one-on-one or virtual meeting. Our internet is secure, lightning fast, and stable, and our meeting rooms are well-appointed and make great backdrops for your next video call.

If you’re looking for a quiet place to hold your virtual meetings without interruption or a safe, convenient space to hold your next in-person meeting, schedule your tour of The Social today.

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